Open vStorage - Open Source SDS

Open vStorageI recently came across an exciting technology called Open vStorage from CloudFounders that provides an abstraction layer between the storage presented to the virtual machines and the backend object storage.  

This abstraction layer provides the following functionality:

  • SSD/flash data caching
  • Data de-duplication
  • Synchronous data replication to other node SSD/flash storage
  • Presents NFS v3 interface to ESX, local file system to KVM (CIFS available at a later date)
  • Flexible backend options - CEPH, Gluster, XtreemFS, OpenStack Swift, SwiftStack
  • ​Scale-out architecture, resilient architecture
  • Available for KVM and VMWare ESX 5.1/5.5 hypervisor.  Xen and Hyper-V versions available soon
  • Advanced features such as zero copy snapshots, cloning and thin provisioning can be offered
  • Automatic data snapshots enabling multiple roll-back points
  • Rich UI dashboard

Open vStorage Architecture - from

By abstracting the backend storage, Open vStorage allows companies to utilise their exiting object storage infrastructure without additional cost.  This could significant lower the cost of entry for those companies looking to offer cloud services without being forced to buy additional storage.  I think I'll have to take it for a spin.  I think this product looks really promising.


Introduction to Open vStorage by Wim Provoost