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E-Volo Volocopter VC200 - 18 Rotor, Electric 'Helicopter'

E-Volo Volocopter VC200 ​​This caught my eye recently and thought I would post a link.  According to what I have read this 18 rotor VTOL vehicle is much easier to fly that a helicopter, can handle the failure of 2 non-adjacent batteries, has a parachute deployable in the event of system failure, can fly for around 20 minutes and is made of carbon fibre and fibreglass.


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Animated Representation of Global Winds,48.51,1306 I like this site.  It shows wind speeds and direction everywhere on the planet in a wonderfully intuitive and informative UI.  Zoom in and take a look at where you live.


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Lit Motors Gyrosopic Bike

Lit Motors are working on an amazing new mode of transport that seems to combine the flexibility of a motorbike with the stability of a car.  Take a look at the video below (there are tons more on YouTube).

There is something about this concept 'transport device' that really appeals to me.  I wish these folks all the luck in the world!  I'll try to keep an eye on their progress.  There was some recent news posted here in the last 24 hours.  Take a read.


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Interactive Journey Through The Known Universe

This interactive scaled trip through the universe is a 'must-see'.  Highly recommended!  Special thanks to Cary Huang for creating such a visually impressive representation of the known universe.  Here's the link to the interactive version on his site - The Scale of the Universe 2

A Youtube video is embedded below.


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