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VSA Storage

Virtual Storage Appliance.  This term is often used when talking about converged storage solutions, that is where storage and compute are combined onto a single device (or most probably, a collection/cluster of devices).  In that context, it often means a virtual appliance (lean Linux installation with bespoke storage application included) that resides on a hypervisor and virtualises the local hypervisor's storage, combining it with the storage of other devices in the cluster, and presenting it over NFS or iSCSI back to the hypervisor.  This type of server-local disk virtualisation can bring with it huge cost savings when compared to traditional SAN infrastructure.  In short, it is a... more

SDN Networking

Software Defined Network.  A recent technological development in the world of cloud networking.  Software Defined Network involves various components - virtual switches, SDN controller and tunneling encapsulation protocols (e.g. GRE, VXLAN, STT) - in order to deliver encapsulated network traffic over (possibly) a single VLAN.  The various tunneling protocols can provide tenant (traffic) isolation.  This approach to cloud networking simplifies the layer 2 management within physical switches, enhances the networking scalability allows for central (high level) network orchestration to be handled by the overall cloud orchestration engines.