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Centos 7 Released

CentOSCentos 7 was released on 7/7/2014.  Here's some useful info, new feature highlights and download links.  Enjoy.


  • Centos
  • Linux

Open vStorage - Open Source SDS

Open vStorageI recently came across an exciting technology called Open vStorage from CloudFounders that provides an abstraction layer between the storage presented to the virtual machines and the backend object storage.  

This abstraction layer provides the following functionality:


  • Storage
  • SDS
  • Software Defined Storage
  • SSD caching
  • PCIe caching

Converged Storage - Some Available Options - Part 2

This is the second part of a two part article on converged storage solutions.  Part 1 is here.  Part 1 dealt with vSphere VSANEMC ScaleIO,​ Atlantis ILIO USXStorMagic SvSAN and Maxta SDS.  In this second instalment I'll try to consisely summarise:


  • VSA
  • virtual SAN
  • Converged storage
  • VDI

Centos 6.5 NFS Server Suitable for Cloudstack

Centos​In the past I have had the odd bit of difficulty with getting Cloudstack to work with a freshly built NFS server as either primary or secondary storage.


  • Storage
  • NFS
  • Cloudstack

E-Volo Volocopter VC200 - 18 Rotor, Electric 'Helicopter'

E-Volo Volocopter VC200 ​​This caught my eye recently and thought I would post a link.  According to what I have read this 18 rotor VTOL vehicle is much easier to fly that a helicopter, can handle the failure of 2 non-adjacent batteries, has a parachute deployable in the event of system failure, can fly for around 20 minutes and is made of carbon fibre and fibreglass.


  • Helicopter
  • Transport

Bootstrap Puppet in Kickstart Script within Cobbler

CobblerPuppetLabsIn this short article I am going to quickly demonstrate the use of Kickstart, via Cobbler, to install the Puppet agent on a new Centos 6.5 server.

This article is a follow-on to two previous articles:


  • Kickstart
  • Cobbler
  • Puppet
  • Automation
  • Operations

Install Puppet 3.6.1 on Centos 6.5

Puppet Logo

Puppet is an increasingly popular, cross platform, scalable automation infrastructure.  It comes in two versions - a community edition and an enterprise version.  For further information about Puppet and the differences between the two versions, please refer to the PuppetLabs website or directly to the version comparison page.  This article deals with the installation of the community release of the product.  A summary of software versions are as follows:


  • Puppet
  • Puppetlabs
  • Automation

Cobbler Installation on centos 6.5

Cobbler is a powerful and flexible Linux based provisioning system that can help bring order and control to your server provisioning activities.  To quote the Cobbler website: Cobbler can help with provisioning, managing DNS and DHCP, package updates, power management, configuration management orchestration, and much more.

This covers the installation of the command line based provisioning engine as well as the web based component.  It shows how to install the latest (currently available) version of Cobbler, 2.4.4, on Centos 6.5


  • Cobbler
  • PXE
  • DHCP
  • DDNS

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HPE straps AyyyyyMD chip into 2P/2U server box with Epyc results

DL385 blasts SPEC benchmark

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